Wishes Can Come True

Ave Chocolate Mouse


My youngest son has expressed his love for chocolate since he could communicate. Yummy choc was his first expression and the first words out of his mouth most days since he could talk. To celebrate his fourth birthday his wish was to visit a chocolate factory. Living just across the river from L.A Burdick’s Homemade Chocolates in Walpole NH, I thought we would head over to the chocolate shop as an alternative. On the way we past by a factory with CHOCOLATE across the door. There were so many cars out front I thought maybe they were open to the public. So we pulled in, I asked the kids to wait in the car and went to the door to ask if the business was open to the public. A very jolly man was just opening the door as I walked up. At first the answer was no I am sorry please visit our shop just up the road. I explained that we had been heading there but that it was my son’s birthday wish to visit a chocolate factory. The nice man said just wait here one minute and we will see if we can make that wish come true. He was back in a minute to welcome us into the factory.

The smell was intoxicating the moment we stepped in the door. As we traveled from one room to another we were meet with smiles and enthusiasm. The diverse community of  people working away were so welcoming Avery could not have had a more perfect realization of  a dream. Our little family will remember Avery’s fourth birthday wish coming true forever. Having children of such different ages, stages and interests it is not easy to find things to do all together that everyone really enjoys. Our visit to L.A Burdick’s was as delicious as it was memorable.

Ave choco 1making micechocolate mice


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