Welcome Home Maggie

I can’t remember a time when I did not want a cute little white dog. I used to love to read Tintin and Where’s Waldo?, just to be envious of their little white dogs. But we never did not have a family dog for most of my childhood and the time was never right for me and my family to get a dog. As a single mom of three it has felt like just one too many mouths to feed, bodies to be responsible for, just one thing I need to make sure was well cared for and loved.

Over the last few years my children, my daughter in particular, have been desperate for a dog, preferable a cute little white dog. Even though it felt like just too much of a burden I could not help myself from continuously watching local human society’s meet you dogs pages. I have watched many dogs come and go from The Windham County Human Society but no cute little white dogs have even come through while I have been watching.

The last few years have been a real challenge for my daughter. She has not been happy since the eventful breakup of my marriage and she has chosen to travel continuously more dangerous path over the last two years. At only thirteen she is incapable of viewing her actions for any viewpoint other than that of a child and she can’t see the dangerous line she walks for what it is yet. I can see the needs she has for love and affection just mot being meet because she is not able to except it from those who love her.

I had been watching the Human Society site regularly again and on Monday I was meet with such a surprise, this cute little white face just looking right into my eyes saying here I am your dog! It is my true hope that this little white loving dog can form a lasting bond with my wounded girl and heel some of the hurt that radiates from her little self.

Maggie’s first few days in your home have been a great success. Her fist morning she found her way to the kid’s room to watch Saturday cartoons with the kids. She leaps for joy when we get home, tolerates the many children who love her and brings joy and love to all your lives. Welcome home Maggie!




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