Feel the Warmth of Nana’s Love

honey lemon tea

As the cold has set in over the last week it has brought with it the first of the seasons flu’s with endless days of fevering little ones that are up all night coughing and suffering from a terrible sore throat. Each year as I nurse my children through their colds I turn to the remedy my mother always offered me when I was feeling sickly. Every time she offered it to me she always mentioned her Nana, Little Nana to me. She would tell me how making the Warm Honey and Lemon Tea for me made her think of being young and loved. Now as I make Warm Honey and Lemon Tea for my own children I find myself telling them how I remember being young and feeling loved not only by my mother but by the generations of mothers before her that soothed their little ones throats with Warm Honey and Lemon Tea. Whenever any of them feel the sniffles coming on the first thing they do is ask for it. With each cup of tea comes generations of mother’s, Nana’s, and Little Nana’s love to help soothe, warm and fill each little one with love.


Warm Honey and Lemon Tea

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice

1 Cup Warm Water


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