Nooks, Books and Little Cooks

Passing On The Magic of Reading!

Now that we are settled into fall and the rain has settled in the family is spending more time inside. Helping my little ones shift that outside energy into inside energy can be a challenge.  Fall is not only a great time to cook with your little ones it also offers us the opportunity to find ways to integrate reading time with your children into your daily lives. Spending time reading with your children will not only grow the connection you have with your children it will help them learn how to incorporate and maintain a love for the magic of books in their own lives.

Vintage girl reading

In today’s world of quickly progressing technology it is so easy to turn on that TV and plug in the children. There is great content available today that offer my Vermont small town children a broader perspective than is available to them directly. This is great and we spend plenty of time engaging in various kinds of screen time but my and my children’s favorite time of day is when we snuggle up together and read.  I myself can’t remember a day that did not include reading. My mother read to me every day, I read to my children every day and it is my hope that my children will read to their children every day too.

With more and more content becoming available in digital form smaller book sellers are facing a large struggle staying productively operational. One of my favorite sources for books and inspiration is Chinaberry. I love pouring over their catalog. It is full of little treasures, each one hand-picked by their staff to enhance the quality of your and your family’s lives. From books for all ages to crafts and health care they think of each aspect of life and offer little suggestions of how to sustain a happy enriched life.

If you don’t already spend time enriching your life and life of your loved ones with the magic of reading take advantage of these rainy fall days to pick up a good book. Every night before bed when we are done reading my son tells me that reading with me is the favorite part of his day, he has told me this every night for almost ten years now. Hearing that is the best part of my day.

reading on bench


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